Ben Jones's "New Painting and Drawing"
Fall 2008
32 pp
Full Color/8 color neon

This book is a collection of neon reproductions, drawings, and concept art pertaining to the new body of work I am calling "The New Dark Age."

From the Publisher:
A gem-like catalog produced in conjunction with Ben Jones’ first solo show in Athens, Greece. Ben Jones, a member of the art collective Paper Rad, makes fantastic cartoon surrealist paintings one part Stanley Kubrick and one part Andy Warhol. He’s a young pop master and this catalog celebrates his first major solo show. Using 8 different spot colors, Jones has replicated the process of looking at his day-glo paintings, in print form. Included here are working drawings for installations and paintings, as well as print-only images that any Paper Rad fan will have to have.

          "New Painting and Drawing""New Painting and Drawing" Sample Pages "New Painting and Drawing""New Painting and Drawing" Cover